List of Characters
This list is adapted from "A Guide to Proust" found in the Modern Library edition of Time Regained.
I acknowledge a debt to Terence Kilmartin, D.J. Enright, and the editors of that edition.

  • Actress (from the Odéon): forms an exclusive group at Balbec with her lover, a Rich Young Man, and two aristocratic friends (see Vaudémont)
  • Actress-Singer (novice): "tortured" by Rachel and other members of the company
  • Actress (retired) with whom Bloch's sister causes a scandal
  • , Uncle: brother of the Narrator's grandfather, the Narrator retreats to his "sanctum" in Combray, visits him in Paris and there meets the "lady in pink"
  • Agrigente [a-gree-zhawnht´], Prince d' ("Grigri"): at the Guermantes dinner-party makes a bad impression on the Narrator; unable to disguise his ignorance of Flaubert; at the Guermantes matinée "embellished" by age
  • Aimé: headwaiter at the Grand Hotel, Balbec
  • A.J.: see Moreau, A.J.
  • Albaret, Céleste: sister of Marie Gineste; lady's-maid in the Grand Hotel; "softer and more languishing" than her sister
  • Albert: see Guastella, Albert, Duc de
  • Albertine [al-bair-teen´], Simonet: niece of M. and Mme Bontemps, the "famous Albertine," one of the "little band" at Balbec
  • Albon, Old M. d': smiles at a remark by the Duchesse de Guermantes
  • Alix: the "Marie-Antoinette of the Quai Malaquais," one of the "three Parcae" at Mme de Villeparisis' reception
  • Ambassadress, Turkish: "devoured by social ambition and endowed with a real power of assimilating knowledge," but "perpetually in error"
  • Ambresac, M., Mme and Mesdemoiselles d': related to Mme de Villeparisis; own a small villa near Balbec, "immensely rich, led the simplest of lives, and always went about in the same clothes"
  • Ambresac, Mlle Daisy: one of the two young Ambresac sisters; Saint-Loup denies that he is engaged to marry her
  • Amédée: maternal grandfather of the Narrator
  • Amoncourt, Mme Timoléon d': offers the Duchesse de Guermantes some Ibsen manuscripts; witty, beautiful, and obliging
  • Andrée: the eldest of the "little band" of girls at Balbec, the "tall one"; dances with Albertine at the Casino at Incarville
  • Andrée's mother: looks upon Albertine as unfortunate, but the "best-natured girl living, and one who was incapable of making anything up except to give pleasure"
  • Antoine: the Guermantes' butler: arrogant and anti-Dreyfusard; Françoise calls his wife "Antoinesse"
  • Archivist: at Mme de Villeparisis' salon; see Vallenères
  • Argencourt [ar-zhawnh-koorh´], Comte d', later Marquis d': Belgian Chargé d'Affaire in Paris; at Mme de Villeparisis' salon; later when the Narrator and Charlus meet him on the street the latter describes him as "well born but ill bred, a worse than second-rate diplomat, an execrable husband and a womanizer"; at the matinée Guermantes an amiable old dotard
  • Argencourt, Dowager Comtesse d' (née Seineport): mother of the above
  • Arpajon, Vicomtesse or Comtesse d': the Duc de Guermantes' mistress; drenched by the Hubert Robert fountain
  • Auberjon, Duchesse Gisèle d': summoned by Mme de Villeparisis to help with her theatricals
  • Aumaule, Henri d'Orléan, Duc de (1822-97): French general and historian, fourth son of Louis-Phillipe
  • Ayen, Duchesse Jane d': Charlus deplores the conversation at her house

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