List of Characters
This list is adapted from "A Guide to Proust" found in the Modern Library edition of Time Regained.
I acknowledge a debt to Terence Kilmartin, D.J. Enright, and the editors of that edition.
Spoiler Warning: some of the descriptions include details revealed late in novel.

  • Callot, "Mother": vegetable-seller of Combray
  • Cambremer [kawm-bruh-mair], Dowager Marquis Zélia de: salivates profusely; admires Chopin; uses "the rule of the three adjectives"
  • Cambremer, Marquis de: married to Legrandin's sister; nicknamed "Cancan"; interests and delights in the Narrator's fits of breathlessness
  • Cambremer, Marquise Renée de: wife of the above and sister of Legrandin; despises Chopin but enthusiastic for Wagner and Debussy
  • Cambremer, Léonor de: son of above, marries Jupien's niece
  • Camille: servant to the Swann's
  • Camus: grocer of Combray
  • Cancan: see Cambremer, Marquis de
  • Caprarola, Princesse de: a caller on Mme Verdurin
  • Cartier: brother of Mme de Villefranche and intimate friend of the Duc de la Trémoïle; his mot about Zola is recounted by Bréauté, to the irritation of the Duchesse de Guermantes
  • Cashiers: at the Rivebelle restaurant, seem like "two witches occupied in forecasting by astrological signs the disasters that might from time to time occur in this celestial vault fashioned according to the scientific conceptions of the Middle Ages"
  • Céleste: see Albaret
  • Céline and Flora: sister's of Narrator's grandmother
  • Chanlivault, Mme de: sister of "le vieux Chaussepierre"; aunt of M. de Chaussepierre who later ousts the Duke de Guermantes from the Jockey Club
  • Charlus [shar-loose’], Baron de (Palamède, nicknamed "Mémé")
  • Charmel: footman to the Baron de Charlus
  • Châtellerault, Duc de: at the Princesse de Guermantes is recognized by the usher whom he had met a few days earlier on the Champs-Elysées, and to whom he had claimed "I do not speak French"; proposes to Gilberte
  • Châtellerault, Prince de: friend of the Prince de Foix; had expected to be engaged to Mlle Ambresac
  • Chauffeur: hired by Narrator at Balbec
  • Chaussegros, Marquise de: mistakenly believes she knows the Narrator
  • Chaussepierre, M. de
  • Chaussepierre, Mme de: the Duchesse de Guermantes refuses to recognize her at the Princesse de Guermantes's soirée
  • Chenouville, M. de: referred to by the young Marquise de Cambremer as "my uncle de Ch'nouville"
  • Chevregny, M. de: relation of the Cambremers; has "a detailed knowledge of Paris only to be found in people who seldom go there"
  • Citri, Marquise de: at Princesse de Guermantes'; finds "everyone idiotic, but in her conversation, in her letters, showed herself distinctly inferior to the people whom she treated with such disdain"
  • Coachman, Mme Verdurin's: see Howsler
  • Coignet: one of Charlus' valets
  • Conductor (of a tram or bus) with whom Charlus has a rendezvous
  • Cottard, Doctor [ko’-tarh]
  • Cottard, Mme Léntine: wife of the above
  • Courgivaux, M. de: the Narrator mistakes him for his son at the Guermantes matinée
  • Courvoisier, Vicomte Adalbert de: nephew of the Marquise de Gallardon; an invert but a good husband; frequents Jupien's brothel
  • Courvoisiers, The: relations and rivals of the Guermantes
  • Cousin (female) by whom the Narrator is initiated into "the delights of love" on Aunt Léonie's sofa
  • Cousin of Narrator nicknamed "No flowers by request"
  • Cousin (of Bloch): see Lévy, Esther
  • Crécy, Pierre de Verjus, Comte de: impoverished nobleman with a taste for good food and wine, cigars and genealogy; befriended by the Narrator at Balbec; Odette's first husband
  • Crécy, Mme de: see Odette
  • Criquetot, M. de: his "How goes it?" one of the familiarities of the second summer in Balbec
  • Criquetot, Comtesse de: cousin of the Cambremers
  • Curé of Combray: visits Aunt Léonie; has written a pamphlet on the etymological origins of place-names in the Balbec district
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