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  • Thumbs up Pinter, Harold. The Proust Screenplay.
    • Although never produced, this screenplay is an amazing work in its own right. If you've ever wanted to read an abridged version of the novel, this is it; Pinter does an incredible job distilling almost every major theme of the novel into an elegant, well-crafted work of screen writing.
  • Akerman, Chantal. The Captive. (2000)
    • A modernised version of The Captive that rebaptizes the protagonists as Simon and Ariane.
  • Ruiz, Raul. Time Regained. (Kino, 1999)
    • The strength of this film adaptation of the last volume of Proust's novel is its sense of humor. Unfortunately, those moments are too rare. Otherwise, it's a rather flat, yet self-indulgent meditation punctuated with moments that are supposed to be dramatic, but which are not given any context. If someone can explain the film's surrealistic closing scenes, I'd be quite appreciative.
  • Schlöndorff, Volker. Swann in Love. (1988)
    • An adaptation of the third-person novella within the first volume of Proust's novel.
  • Adlon, Percy. Celeste. (1981)
    • Film based on Monsieur Proust, the memoirs of Céleste Albaret, Proust's confidant and housekeeper from 1914 until the end of his life.
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