List of Characters
This list is adapted from "A Guide to Proust" found in the Modern Library edition of Time Regained.
I acknowledge a debt to Terence Kilmartin, D.J. Enright, and the editors of that edition.
Spoiler Warning: some of the descriptions include details revealed late in novel.

  • Waiters at the "Cherry Orchard": twin brothers resembling tomatoes
  • Waiters in the Hotel at Doncières: speedy, have a "reserve of cherubim and seraphim"
  • Waiters in the restaurant at Rivebelle: make gyrations around the "astral tables"
  • Waiters in Aimé's restaurant in Paris, like superannuated actors
  • Waiters in the restaurant in Venice
  • Warwick, Lady: English friend of the Duchesse de Guermantes
  • Woman ("beautiful young") with the flashing eyes who seems to recognize Albertine and strikes up a relationship with Bloch's cousin, Esther Lévy
  • Woman (young Austrian) who attracts the Narrator in Venice because of her resemblance to Albertine

  • Yourbeletieff, Princess: sponsor of the Ballets russes; appears at the theater in the company of Mme Verdurin

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